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Popplio Evolution Seaggler by Hyperagua

I have to say that the concept of this design is quite well thought out. Having the evolution go from just bouncing the water balls to ...

Family portrait Finnceline by malengil

I will be perfectly honest here this is a very beautiful work and I'm not just saying it to be nice. It conveys the relationship betwee...


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Popplio Evolution Seaggler by Hyperagua
I have to say that the concept of this design is quite well thought out. Having the evolution go from just bouncing the water balls to juggling them is interesting. It makes me think that Popplio could become a water and fairy type later on due to appearance which is interesting as the only other Pokemon with this type are Marill and Azumarill. I only say maybe use a different slightly different color palate. The greenish blue looks a bit unusual to me so perhaps maybe a slightly deeper tone along with some pink as it has a circus like appearance. Other than that I'd say this was a job well done regarding keeping its performer like quirks
Mitsukuni Haninozuka x OC draft 2 by chibi-kitsune1
Mitsukuni Haninozuka x OC draft 2
So this is the second version of my scene between my OC Shikaku Orihara and Mitsukuni Haninozuka from Ouran high school host club. Originally I was going to do a far away background but it wouldn't come out right so I opted for a close background. Can you guess who decided to spy on them? :)
Fire by chibi-kitsune1
Nothing like a fire burning at dusk in the beauty of an autumn night. I took this back in October of the fire pit I have.
Yuyu Hakusho OC Nobunaga by chibi-kitsune1
Yuyu Hakusho OC Nobunaga
This is the picture of my Yuyu Hakusho OC Nobunaga from my story The Exile. This is what he looks like after his fight during the Saint beast arc. I tried my best with the blood splatters and I think I did a good job on it. Male bodies are more difficult to draw than females most of the time because they have more detail and shape in comparison.

Fanfic link…

Just copy the link above if you want to read. Those that have read my story here you go.
Unfinished Mitsukuni Haninozukax OC by chibi-kitsune1
Unfinished Mitsukuni Haninozukax OC
An unfinished scene I'm doing with Mitsukuni Haninozuka from Ouran High School Host Club with one of my OCs Shikaku Orihara.

A lot of people don't do a lot with him paired with a taller person. I see a lot where the character paired with him is someone exactly like him rather than someone who can understand that though he is a child he is really a teenager with a love for cute things.

My OC Shikaku basically sees him as a teen with a love of cute things. She knows that he is a loli-shota but when she realizes that he is an 18 year old and older than her she doesn't treat him like a child.
ok.... So this is just gonna be a journal I'm making that could be up for discussion if anyone wants to talk about it I guess. This is a first so please don't flame me this is just an open discussion and I may as well put something out right? If you think that I should post another discussion please put down a topic in the comments. By all means do.

So tonight's topic revolves around the lack of male OCs in different areas whether it be in art or fanfiction regarding stories, anime, etc. Now don't get me wrong I love shipping characters together whether they are regular pairings or Yaoi (I'll admit right now I love yaoi please don't judge) and yuri is okay too. I'm also rather fond of OCs and that's usually if the OCs aren't mary-sue like.

I mean to be honest I like them because they're original and they're yours. You can create varying personalities, looks, the possibilities are endless. However to me there is a lack of Male OCs to be honest. I like to think that some male characters can go well with other males especially if their personalities will allow for it. also for female characters too.

One example is Free! Iwatobi Swim Club. Really funny and lots of friendship and fanservice. My favorite pairing is MakotoxHaruka because lets face it: Those two act like an adorable married couple as it is and they aren't even dating! Let's see a character shall we?

Now Makoto Tachibana is definitely a sweetheart all around (Trust me if he were real I'd marry him in a heartbeat). Normally in OC fics and images he is paired up with a female which is fine but what about pairing him up with a male OC? I'm pretty sure either way Makoto is going to be himself. Plus having a male OC as a point of interest makes the story a lot more interesting in my opinion. It really all depends on the character's personality and how they act in the anime, cartoon, show, etc.

Now another thing is when a character becomes Mary-sue like. Let's be honest: Mary-sues are annoying. They seem like their perfect in any way shape or form. We all like a character to be imperfect so that they seem more real to us. However it makes it that much harder to write for too. Believe me when I say this. What you need to take into account for the major part of any story of art piece is how the OC responds to other characters and how those characters will respond back. To me with a female OC it's hard to get the relationship with other characters down without making her Mary-sue like a lot of times. I feel like with Male OCs he possibilities are a bit more open because there are more ideas you can play with. Like you can easily make a male OC tsundere or a different personality trait against the other character. Maybe it's because you can make a male seem ok with going into TOO MUCH detail unlike when you have to with a female OC at times.

One of the things I like about OC stuff is when you make the OC unidentifiable and by that I mean it could be a girl or guy. It makes whatever comes into your head a lot more interesting by far and most of the time it's actually fun to make the character a guy and see in your mind how he will react to the situation. See that's the thing that I like about Male OCs: They make the situation more interesting and sometimes a bit wild. Much more than the standard female OC in my opinion.

....Not that there's anything wrong with female OCs but there should be more variety when it comes to Male OCs. It just makes imagining stuff a bit more fun you know?

So too end this discussion (If anyone decides to read it) I think that people should consider making more Male OCs. It's definitely something interesting to play around with and a lot of fun too. Again please feel free to comment on this and to drop in new ideas for more discussions. Thank you for reading! ;)


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So I'm kind of a newbie on deviantart. I've gone on the site countless times and I love the art work that people submit here because let's just face it: most of these people create such amazing pieces and fanfics. so I found I could take pictures of my art and submit it that way. Pretty happy

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